Tuesday, November 18, 2008

and so it ends

My vacation is at an end. Sad. I did very little, honestly. Which suits me just fine overall, I suppose. Watched a little football this weekend. The Steelers managed to eke out a victory, which was nice. I really had some problems with a couple of the play calls offensively. But the defense is amazing. Man, great pressure, amazing coverage. They got it all. So that was fun.

Fantasy-wise The Evil Penguin managed to knock down Kevin's squad, who did not produce as he would of liked. Not that it really mattered, I had some serious points this week. It's kinda hard to care tho, since I'm almost certainly out of the playoff hunt at this point.

Hmmm what else is new... Trip and I went to Roanoke on Saturday and it was a friggen nightmare. Holiday crowds flowing everywhere. Bleah. I hate feeling crowded everywhere I go. Plus we ate at Red Palace and that did not sit well, so I felt like shit for the drive home. Fun!

This week I have also developed a full on addiction to gummy bears. I love em. I prefer Haribo Gold Bears. They are the best. Trust the Germans to make the best gummy bear.

I guess that's about it. I'm pretty dull. And tomorrow I return to work and once again become shackled by the man. Sucks... but not as much as being unemployed and desperate.

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