Friday, June 16, 2006

Sushi and science

It's been a good weekend for me. Watched Deadwood again Tuesday, cause you can't ever see it too much. Wednesday I spent the entire day playing WoW and watching the Venture Brothers. Man you gotta see that show, it's incredibly awesome. The new season comes on the 25th and I can't wait. It's hard to describe why it's good. It's well written, the voice acting is great and it just sideswipes you with these great lines. Ok, it's not so hard to describe why it's so good.

Today Trip and I snagged some sweet, sweet sushi. I even managed to regulate my order so I didn't feel bloated when we left. Of course, we stopped for ice cream twice after that (at my behest). I wanted that mini-banana split I'd seen advertised by Sonic. Yeah... it's really mini.

After we got back to Trip's pad, he wanted to take part in some serious scientific research. Yup, we put Mentos in Diet Coke (actually, diet Big K cause it's much cheaper) and tried to get it to liftoff. We had one decent move and lots of aborted attempts. I also pulled something in my shoudler trying to slam a two liter against the ground... There can be no doubt that we're retarded.

I'm listening to this band Destroyer that has kind of a mellow plugged in Dylan sound. It's quite good.

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