Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Must've been hard on your mother

Sooooo I've stayed busy... well busy in the entertainment sense. I watched a ton of TV yesterday. I watched My Name Is Earl, which was good. I'm a Jason Lee fan anyway. But it had a nice white trash vibe. I also watched The Biggest Loser, which isn't as riveting as last year's, but we'll see. I caught the end of House, which was decent.

I also finished reading Slaughterhouse Five, which was interesting. I can't rank it as one of my favorite books, but it had it's moments. The structure was definitely unique. I'd rate it as a +1 chainmail overall. Now I have to find something else to read... Not sure what I'll end up with.

So I was wondering where fall is, it's still all summery outside. I want leaves changing and briskness. I demand it! Also I'm tired of hearing about hurricanes. So no more of that crap either.


Mey said...

Heya Gung. Just thought I'd come by and say hi, and to let you know that I've been lurking around your weblog.

Hope it gets cooler for you. It got up to 95 today. Fall is my favorite season and I'm soo ready for it.

eric said...

It actually was a nice gloomy fall day today. I love cloudy, gray days. They make me happy for some odd reason.