Friday, September 02, 2005

Way to go bench

Go Steelers! I had a fabulous time yesterday seeing the Steelers. I have to give another big shout out to Nick for hooking me up with a ticket and driving me there. We had good time. While it was the final preseason game and has no real bearing on anything it was still cool to see my boys on the field. When they came out of the tunnel it was a great moment.

Bank of America Stadium is really nice too. It had a nice atmosphere, most of the people were pretty pleasant (except the asshole behind me, every football game I go to there is some prick behind me who has to be as obnoxious as possible). We got there early so we could kick back, grab a bite and watch warmups. There were a ton of Steelers fans there as well and I had to stop myself from buying a Terrible towel.

The first team offense looked like they really didn't care. The Panthers defense took apart the O-Line at will (making me suspect that the first team wasn't really starting there). The only first downs we got were when Ben Roethlisberger scrambled for em. That had my heart in my throat.

But in the second quarter the second team came in and I got to see some of the up and comers play. Heath Miller looked pretty sharp. He's got some definite potential. The fifth string running back Noah Herron looked like he might have some potential too, if he can keep his hands on the ball. We left about midway through the 3rd quarter to avoid traffic and because you only need to see so much of the 5th string guys.

All in all, it was awesome. My first actual live NFL experience. Thanks again Nick, you da man.

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