Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brain buck shot

Saw Wall-E and it was very good. It was definitely not your average cartoony kids movie. It was a scathing indictment of America's consumer cultur and it's consequences. Also there was a really great love story in there despite the main characters not being able to actually talk much beyond saying their names. I recommend it highly, filet mignon.

I'm still burning my way through The Wire, which is good. I'm into the second season now. The first season seemed to end on a bit of a futility note, with the drug dealers not really paying that much for their crimes and the police bureacracy screwing over a bunch of cops. Probably fairly true to life.

I'm also watching Deadwood again and into the second season of that, as well. It amazes me how fast that show moved. I mean the plot flies by and if you miss something, too bad for you. Which is a good thing, television usually plays to the lowest common denominator and this show assumes it's audience is not moronic.

Still completely addicted to FFTA 2. I'm nearing the 80 hour mark. I realized it's the job system that I love. It's fantastic, making it so your team is well balanced and has a plethora of skills at it's disposal. I think it triggers some semi-autistic part of my brain and I can't get enough.

It's nearing fantasy football time again and I have done no research. I'm clueless. I suppose I shouldn't worry too much, nothing really matters until training camps start and we find out who is actually who. Still I need to put up a better showing that last year's 6-9 season. The Evil Penguin must be on top!

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