Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dork Knight (spoiler free)

So I saw The Dark Knight today, with Corb and Trip. I even got in free since I had to put up with obnoxious chatty types during Hellboy 2. I have to say this movie is special. It's amazing. It's incredible. It's headcavingly orgasmic. I don't throw that rating around a lot to try and keep it special, but this has earned it. The cast is amazing, the story well crafted and it's just marvelous.

I'll start with Heath Ledger because he's done such a good job that I really don't think anyone can ever play the Joker again. I just don't see how they could. He's so wonderfully deranged, with delicious idiosyncrasies and delivers such beautiful lines that I literally giggled with delight. Come on people, do I really have to say more. I'm not a giggler.

Aaron Eckhardt is amazing. He steals some scenes from Christian Bale, who was good, but not great. Eckhardt gets better as the movie goes on. I read an opinion on a forum I frequent that I totally agree with about Maggie Gyllenhal. I'm a fan of hers, she's good, but she's just not glamorous enough for this role.

And, of course, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are excellent. As Corb, Trip and myself discussed the movie and it's potential sequel, we wondered if the next big villain is the Penguin, will Morgan Freeman narrate his rise and fall? I think that would make for an interesting twist.


NickVNC said...

I concur...a freaking awesome movie!
We are going to see the the IMAX version when we are at the beach...had you heard that the big battle scenes are filmed in HD-IMAX

Should rock!


eric said...

I had not heard that, but it does sound awesome. We definitely have to see it in IMAX. Another reason to look forward to the beach trip.