Thursday, October 29, 2009

disheveled brain blast

Random thoughts for this week:

  • This week in sports has a high probability to suck, between the World Series, the Steelers' bye week and all the Favre nonsense, I'm expecting to be exasperated before Sunday.
  • That said, the Penguins are fucking rolling the NHL currently and I'm enjoying it. Crosby dropped some science last night, banging out a hat trick in two periods against Montreal.
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is very good. Watched the first two seasons this weekend and it's awesome.
  • I have to work on Halloween... and every other holiday until the end of this year. My good will at work is eroding and we need to hire someone new or I may snap.
  • Read Jeff Ross' book "I Only Roast the Ones I Love" tonight and it's amusing. A lot of the stuff I've already seen in roasts rehashed, but still enjoyable.
  • Flight of the Living Dead is the most dull zombie film I've ever seen. I figured it was going to be bad, but am compelled to watch any movie with the suffix "...of the Living Dead."
  • Finally all caught up with Lost. Now I'm left feeling lost without more episodes to watch. Yesh, that's a horrible line. Still this show is amazing, I'm both happy and sad I waited this long to watch it. On one hand, woulda been cool to always be in on the zeitgeist. On the other, watching it weekly may have broken me.
  • Met Trip's girlfriend Tamara and she seems cool. They seem to be good together. Definitely a step up from his dating past. Maybe now people will stop thinking we're gay. Although Trip will have to stop blowing me for that to be totally true.
  • The Evil Penguin is ailing, losing two straight. We still have a share a spot at the top of the TLB South Conference, but it is precarious.
  • Here you will find a nice Halloween mixtape to download for free that has a nice creepy edge without being too scary or annoying. It's worth a listen.
  • Bernardo Bertollicci's film The Dreamers is worth a watch. It is a love letter to the cinema (particularly French film), a tale of a brother and sister with a disturbingly close relationship and a lot of Eve Green being naked and looking amazing.
  • I am in love with the NFL and NHL Networks. I always have something to watch now. When we finally get the high def. issue solved it will be heavenly.

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