Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pork swords

Now listening to: The Flaming Lips

I haven't written in a while just because there hasn't been a lot going on that would be interesting. I continue to battle the cold from hell and seem to be winning, but wake up every afternoon with my everything muffled in my right ear. It sucks.

Tonight I went to see the movie Juno, which was high quality. I went alone, had dinner and goofed off all by myself. I used to really enjoy doing that sort of thing alone, but it seems to have lost some of it's luster. I suppose that's because I used to spend most of my free time in the company of many friends, whereas now I tend to be alone most of the time.

But anyway, Juno was exceptionally good. Well put together storyline, good dialogue, likeable characters. I'm saying filet mignon. Ohh, and the soundtrack is very cool too.

Anyway it's bedtime for me. I need to rest up for another fun filled work week.

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