Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rag and bone

I have spent entirely too much money this weekend. Eating out, buying shit I don't really need. I gotta not buy any new books until I've read a bunch of the ones I've already got. I have an addiction. Seriously.

But it was Trip's BDay so I took him out Sunday and we had a good time. Then tonight we went out again and saw Cloverfield. I'd it deserved a +1 chainmail overall (to assuage longtime readers). I liked the ad campaign that didn't tell you much about the movie, but it loses points because it's soooo hard to watch one of those handicam/Blair Witch style movies. Motion sickness can be a problem for movie enjoyment. Still worth a gander, although I probably won't be going back to watch it ever again.

Ohh and last week I finished watching the Ken Burns documentary on WW2, The War. Damn it's good. So much depth. I recommend it to anyone with some time to kill and an interest in World War 2. It's enlightening.

So my internet continues to suck. Comcast is supposed to be updating the channels sometime soon, so I'm hoping once that happens it'll be fixed. But if it continues to drop out in the wee hours of the morning (when I use it) I'm gonna throw a shit fit at someone. Here's hoping this posts without problem.

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