Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to our regularly scheduled dullness

So the holidays are finally at a close. We can all return to our everyday mindnumbing existence. I gotta tell you my vacation seemed like more work than normal. Traveling, making an effort to be social, it was almost more than I could handle . But I had a good time.

The day after Xmas, Mike, Shannon, Trip and I went out drinking in Martinsville and had more fun than I thought (given the location). Greg joined in at some point and we even had shots of Barenjager to make the night go smoothly (but expensively). Thursday Trip and I went to Roanoke and hung with Kevin and he made it to Martinsville on Friday to hang once again, bringing Courtney and Langdon out to play as well.

Friday night I didn't sleep, as Nick piled myself, Mike and Shannon into his family truckster to head to Leesburg to see Adam and Rachel. I gotta say, the Williams' hospitality was in full effect, making a nice dinner, cooking up breakfast and buying steaks for tailgating. I'm definitely giving my stay a five star rating.

Sunday we went to the Cowboys at Redskins game. Got there early and tailgated some, it was fantastic. We bribed a parking attendant to let us in on the primo parking right next to FedEx Field and had a kickass time. Right about the time we were ready to head into the game the rain started. It was not warm, I can tell you that. We lasted for around three quarters in our nosebleed seats (literally no one was behind us in the stadium) as the rain broke down our warmth slowly but surely. At that point, it was obvious the Cowboys were done and so we headed out, avoiding traffic and regaining feeling in our nethers.

I forgot to mention I was forced to maintain a day-dweller schedule through most of this trip and I still haven't fully recovered. Last night I was unable to stay awake at 4 a.m. and had to hit the sack. Doesn't sound that bad to most, I'm sure, but Friday I won't be able to do that and will have to drive at 6 a.m. It's a problem.

For New Year's I kept it fairly low key and watched a movie with Jill. Quiet, but pleasant. And yesterday, on my final day of vacation Trip and I went to Gboro for some minor shopping. We went to Bravo!, this Italian eatery that I don't recommend. I won't be heading back there. We went to Starbucks and I drank too much latte and we debating the bourgeoisie nature of Starbucks and Trip's inherent goofiness.

I can't say my vacation was relaxing, but I did enjoy it. I hope everyone's holidays went well and am looking forward to 2008 continuing the promise of the last week of 2007. But now I return to the weekly grind of commuting and working, with the added bonus of annoying BCS games going on all week.

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