Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas on a bizarre schedule, even for me

So it's 7:39am and I'm up and wide awake on Xmas morning. I woke up at 4:30am after a sole hour of sleep yesterday and am now filling my time in the usual ways, watching movies. I expect much of the day will be filled in this manner.

Yesterday I girded my loins for a full day with my parents and went to see my brother and his family. Except for the traveling it was pretty good. Kelly made a nice lunch and I enjoyed hanging with Gabe. Also Cameron had a great time, with more presents than he could stand to open. So I considered that visit a success.

I slept through most of the drive home, completely exhausted and then climbed right into bed around 6:30pm for a "nap" that lasted until 4:30am and now I'm wide awake, having a cup of tea (Lady Grey seemed appropriate considering the movie) and preparing to watch The Queen.

Ohh the picture? Well that's the message Santa left me when I inquired about a gift. I suppose I wasn't quite good enough this year. What else is new?

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