Friday, August 15, 2008

excuses and half-truths and fortified wine

Man, returning to work after vacation really sucks ass. Particularly this week, where three preseason football games have to be broadcast. It's just irritating. Plus all the shit that I normally don't worry about is getting on my nerves, just because there is nothing to look forward to for a while. Tonight was especially annoying as the Panthers/Eagles game was delayed by lightning. Grrrr.

Trip and I did have a good time seeing The Hold Steady on Tuesday. Chapel Hill makes me feel old these days, especially as there were a ton of freshmen coming in with there parents that day. Also we sw a scary crack lady that was insanely thin and unclean. I'm not one to rag on the destitute, but damn she was disturbing. We saw some cops clearly prepping to take her in by putting on rubber gloves, which seemed like a good idea for them. Yesh.

Anyway, the show kicked ass. The lead singer, Craig Finn, just does not look like what you expect a band's frontman to look like. He looks like he'd be better suited for working in a cubicle and being picked on by his boss. That said, he does know how to fucking rock a crowd and seems to adore every minute on stage. Gotta love em.

Finally beat FFTA 2, after 145 hours of game play. That's probably inflated, as I watched lots of The Wire while playing and may have been distracted. By the way, finished the third season of the Wire last night, while beating FFTA 2. Great stuff. Only two more seasons to go.

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