Sunday, August 31, 2008

Where did the cash go?

Had a good day shopping with Trip and I managed to refrain from buying an LCD television once again. I still spent way too much money, but shorts were on sale, so was Deadwood Season 3 and I needed new socks and underwear. Cest la vie, I suppose.

I am beat tho. I've gotten a mere 4 hours of sleep and am feeling the effects. I'm debating a nap, but that never works out to my advantage. So I may just have to be fuckin tired for a while. What else is new.

Ohh and for those of you interested in how mature my friends and I are about fantasy football, click here to see it demonstrated. This link is completely not safe for work, quite juvenile and completely hilarious. This is what happens when Mike has too much free time.


Anonymous said...

Eric, the NFL needs players like Tom Brady. Besides, didn't the press cover Rothlessbooger in the same manner when he decided to go tooling around on a motorcycle w/o a helmet & ate pavement. Dud, it's a huge story. Get over yourself & quit bitching. NFL season is here. You should embrace it.

eric said...

Big Ben's injury happened in the middle of summer when nothing else is going on in football. Brady is the only thing anyone is talking about, it's as if no other game was played yesterday. ESPN had Tony Dungy commenting on it. What does he have to do with Tom Brady? Nothing. Brady got hurt, NFL players do that. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Yea i can see this being talked about for a while. those analists have no clue what there taling about. oh well i never liked buffalo any way. you are right to. their is a lot more things to talk about other than that that. you are not alone on this padray. you are right.