Friday, October 17, 2008

Spread the wealth around

It's been a shitty day and, so far, a shitty week. I went to sleep last night with an ill stomach, woke up with a headache and nothing has went my way. I watched the Penguins get up to a 3-0 lead and then roll over in the third period to lose 4-5 to the fucking Capitals. One of my co-workers is on vacation, so we were shorthanded, which means I got to do a lot more work today and that sucked too. Ohh and this week I get to work on Sunday also to extend the suck. Fucking brutal.

In non-bitching news, I watched Leatherheads last night. It was fairly bland and I can't really recommend it. (shaq-fu) I watched Behind the Mask the other day and that was pretty good. It's about these documentarians following around a killer along the lines of Jason or Michael Myers and getting the behind the scenes look. Nice humor, with some decent horror moments. (+1 chainmail)

Also watched most of the (thankfully) last debate last night. Christ I'll be glad when this election is over. Obama seems to be running away with it, which is nice. Also when did Virginia become a battleground state? My vote may actually count this time around. How novel.

Also I'd like to talk about the term "class warfare." How come everytime someone mentions that maybe the rich could be a little less rich to make the poor a little less poor someone shouts "CLASS WARFARE" and the discussion ends? That's it, can't talk about that, it's class warfare. I think it all stems from this concept that poor people are lazy, which is total bullshit. I dunno, I'm not gonna rant anymore about it, but that shit is irritating.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the waiver wire cock blocking. Really. I mean it. That is the real battle ground state.

And don't worry- Reagan could be running against Obama & he would lose. It is his (Obama) destiny to win.

Change everyone wants? Change everyone gets.