Monday, October 27, 2008

Another crappy sports day

Both the Steelers and my fantasy team lost today, making this a horrible sports day. I'm becoming more accustomed to fantasy losses, I always play the guy with the breakout player of the week, but Pittsburgh's loss is hard to take. Adam informed me that they played like girls, but I don't see how he concluded that. I mean, four quarters of slobber-knocking football against the defending NFL champions and the Steelers are winning until an injury to the long snapper gives the Giants a fluke safety and all the momentum.

Don't get me wrong, it could have been much better. The Pittsburgh O-line has some serious pass blocking issues and even when they do block Big Ben holds the ball too long. Ohh and stupid penalties crushed my soul again and again.

Hell even after watching football my shitty sports day continued when I couldn't even beat Trip in NHL 09. I got nothing!

Anyway I watched the new Indiana Jones movie. These movies never thrilled me like some of my cohorts. The early ones were good, but not life altering. The new one is a bit of an abortion. Interdimensional aliens? Really? Shia Lebouef? Really? Just let it go.

I also watched the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and it was ok. I love R. Lee Ermey, especially when he's yelling at people. But yeah, it's fairly creepy in a dirty, sweaty kinda way, but just not as terror inducing as the original. They so seldom are.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, dude. They looked good most of the game. Their O-line was tired & respectively so. I just was grasping at straws & was pissed cause I needed them to score.

My bust- when I'm wrong, you know I'll admit it & I was wrong. Now my Chiefs... that's a whole other story...