Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dogfuckingly nerdy

I'm indulging my nerd tendencies and watching tons of animation lately. I watched Superman/Batman Public Enemies and it was enjoyable, but not great. I also watch Justice League Crisis on Two Earths which I liked a lot. I'm trying to catch up on my DC comic knowledge, since I was a total Marvel nerd as a kid. At the moment I'm watching some episodes of The Tick, which never fails to please.

Speaking of comics I read Kickass, the graphic novel which the upcoming movie is based on. It's pretty damn hardcore and I liked it quite a bit. Hope the movie lives up to it's promise. I'm also anticipating the How to Train Your Dragon, which looks pretty cool.

Yes, I'm in a total state of regression. If you want psychoanalysis I'd say my regular life sucks so much I seek any way to escape from it. And what better way than the kinda stuff that I loved as a kid. But whatever, who wants to hear me whine? Even I'm sick of it. I'm hoping spring brings some respite with the return of greenery and sunshine, but who can say.

I beat Borderlands, which was good. I really enjoyed the post-apocalyptic theme and art style. That said, the ending left me quite cold. Very blah. I've also been playing God of War, the first one and find it quite violent and fun. Looking forward to beating it and moving on to GOW2 (I got the PS3 collection) and perhaps even picking up the third one.

That's all for now. Til the next time I'm bored and decide to spray the internet with nerdery.

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