Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pummel you with a manhole cover

So I'm snowed in again, but at least I'm at home for a change. That's a plus. Went to see Cop Out on Monday and that was not something I can really recommend. Tracy Morgan was funny, but all in all it wasn't great. I also had hot wings, which I now regret for reasons I will not go into, you'll thank me.

I'm watching some It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and it's hilarious. There is guaranteed pandemonium in every episode. Wonderful.

I am going through Olympic withdrawals now. There's no curling on! Dammit, how am I expected to exist without curling on all night. Also Olympic hockey rocks. Sure the U.S. lost the gold in OT, but at least it was Canadian wunderkind and Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby who scored the final goal.

Not much else to report, my life continues to be a dull, shell of a real existence. What else would you expect?

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