Monday, November 05, 2007

All World's Cowboy Romance

I just watched The Mission of Burma Story: Not a Photograph and it was awesome. I love Mission of Burma. I know that of my "regular" readership here there is maybe two people, maybe, that could give a shit about MOB, but I shall rant about their greatness nonetheless. They are this Boston band that never hit it big and broke up just as they were starting to get any national recognition.

They reformed in 2002 for a reunion and have recorded a couple of albums since that are as good as the original stuff, maybe better. They are a thinking man's punk band. They have a definite edge, but underneath they are technically proficient, have smart lyrics and create these waves of noise that you can snuggle into like a warm blanket. In the DVD, music journalist Michael Azerrad (who's book is awesome) draws a line from Mission of Burma, through the Pixies to Nirvana. So if you dug grunge you owe MOB some thanks.

Anyway, other than watch that movie and football I did very little today. Played some Virtua Fighter 5, which is awesome. Watched some Adult Swim and trolled about the internets. Very slack. I'm debating whether I'm gonna just stay in tomorrow and do nothing again. The Steelers are on Monday night, but I'm not sure if I'll be doing them a disservice by watching. Every game I watch they lose of late.

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