Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a little slack please

So it's been a big fuck me week. It just seemed like everything that could be a pain in my ass was. Work sucked. I had to run both the end of a baseball game and a NASCAR race on Saturday. Of course, the baseball game ended up rain delayed and it was a huge clusterfuck trying to keep track of everything and figure out what I'm supposed to do. Plus that late shit means I have to record and subclip the news and MadTV while I am running the game. Lots of little things you have to remember and take care of. It's stressful.

Ohh another fun fact this week. I'd been operating at a financial surplus for a while now, keeping a nice little nest egg just in case. The minute I dip into it to get myself a new stereo I get smacked down with another bill to drain it even further down. I parked my car on Thursday night and had a flat tire the next morning. A flat tire on the back and a nearly flat one on the front. Come to find out my alignment is grossly out of whack and I had to buy all new tires. I'm getting the alignment fixed on Wednesday morning. I love sneak attack bills.

Sunday I slept in until 5p.m. which is late even for me. Had dinner with Trip and then did very little of note for the rest of the evening. I did watch LoudQuietLoud, which is a documentary on the Pixies reunion tour. I love the Pixies more than I can tell you. So much depth and abstraction in their albums.

But now I think I'm gonna try to go to sleep, although my stomach may disagree. (It's feeling rather upset from the sandwich I had several hours ago, I gotta start eating better.)

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