Monday, April 07, 2008

retail therapy

I decided to prescribe some retail therapy since I've been trying to fight off the gloom latelyst . So I got up extra early, drove to Greensboro and had a new stereo and speakers put in my car. I spent too much on it, but since I spend so much time driving I figured it was something I'd enjoy. Plus the busted rear speaker was driving me mad and fiddling with my little broadcast thingie to listen to the music on my iPod was probably dangerous.

Now I have a direct jack into the stereo so I don't have to lean the iPod just right and hold the cord to get it to pick up. Such luxury.

I almost broke down and bought a tv, since Best Buy had some nice open box deals, but i fought off the urge, since there is a relatively short life span on high def tvs. I don't need to buy one that's been on for most of a year before it's ever put into my living room. Plus I had already spent too much money today.


Anonymous said...

Short life referring to what kind of HDTV, Eric? LCD & present day plasma have a life of around 125,000-170,000 viewing hours- that's equivalent to 15-20 years. I don't think even you can watch that much T.V.
If it's marked down a significant amount & you can still get a warranty- I'd grab it. OR wait until this August, they'll be dropping like mad... that is if the price of oil doesn't continue at the rate that it is. Those TV's just don't teleport from overseas...


NickVNC said...

"Those TV's just don't teleport from overseas..."

Are you serious Clark?