Friday, January 09, 2009

Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs

The last coupla days have been brutal. I've just been completely uninterested in working and wishing for a vacation that isn't likely to come anytime soon. Yesterday I came home and was completely glazed. I spent the entire evening once I got home plugged into my laptop playing Civilization 4. I swear that game is a time machine. I blink and 4-5 hours have passed and it's time for bed. But yeah, that was a good way to decompress and focus on nothing internal for a while.

Tonight was more of the same, broadcasting the BCS Championship game and all. I was also saddened to find out that I'm broadcasting an NFL playoff game on Saturday night (Arizona at Carolina). I hate running NFL games. I'm not conditioned to work them properly as I watch the game and not the commercials typically. That can lead to disaster, but it's hard to break decades of conditioning. At least it's not Pittsburgh playing or it would be insufferable.

Anyway tonight I came home and popped in We Jam Econo: The Story of The Minutemen, which arrived in the mail today. It a documentary about seminal punk band The Minutemen and I love them. They are about unfettered creativity. Making art that suits you and doing it yourself so noone else needs to approve. It always makes me want to create something... which is something I need to do more often.

Ohh one other down note for this week so far, got bought up and they liqudated about 2/3 of the staff and cancelled all the podcasts, which bums me out more than I can tell you. I've listened to those podcasts and the people on them every week for over a year now while driving to and from work. It's silly to say, but those people seem like my friends, even tho we've never met. (The internet fosters such odd emotional attachments.) So it sucks that all those people are jobless and I have to find new ways to entertain myself while driving, when I was so happy with the way I had.

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