Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bacon and egg sandwich

The weekend finally arrives. Finally. It was a long week, but aren't they all. I watched the end of season 2 of Friday Night Lights and am currently starting the 3rd. Good stuff, although the 2nd season's being shortened did it no favors. Still, it's good stuff.

I also watched the original Inglorious Bastards, which was serviceable. Not great, but I could definitely see the basic components that Tarantino had to work with and am stoked for his version.

Today I slept in and felt pretty shitty when I woke up. (I think that was largely due to the insane heat I was sleeping in.) So I decided to stay in today and do very little. My big accomplishment today has been making bacon and eggs. Slack, I know. So I've spent the day watching tv. Seems a lot like the things I do at work, but whatever. I also read some Green Lantern comics... yeah I'm wasting my life I know.

Tomorrow I might try to do something a little more significant. We'll see.

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