Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dig, dig, dig

So I got my new fantasy football logo from Trip and it's sweet. You'll note the championship ring, to honor last season's title. Here's hoping I get to add another ring to that photo next year.

Survived the work week and then hung out with Kevin Sunday night and Monday. That was cool. We had a nice mock draft that featured lots of talk about clown rape and NFL public service announcements. Good times were had. We watched both Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl.

Tonight Trip and I went to see Funny People. I dug it, but will admit it's a little long. Still it's a nice look at a comedian, who sees everything through a comedic lens, dealing with death. It's got some great comedy and some tragic moments. There's one moment with a Warren Zevon song that's just heartbreaking. It's probably not for everyone, but I liked it.

Starting up the season season of Friday Night Lights. It's really good, started off with lots of conflict that kinda disturbed me, but that's part of the deal. Pretty sure Nick would dig this show if he had time to check it out. First two seasons are on Netflix Instant Watch, so it's free and easy. But it combines football with a high quality drama surrounding.

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Anonymous said...

yeah dude you know me well... I've seen every episode. THis most recent season played on Directv during the Fall... it wasd awesome.