Monday, September 07, 2009

Accelerating constantly toward some null point

Today was the last Sunday of the year without NFL football. Mike described it as the worst week of the year and I'd have trouble arguing with him about it. Work tonight was mind-numbing. I know I say that a lot, but it just seemed to be moving in slow motion all night. I had a hard time focusing and was disinterested in pretty much everything on television. Brutal.

Next week I won't have enough time to keep up with everything. I never seem to tire of highlights and analysis of football. In fact, I seem to be growing ever more caught up in sports. I think this is because it's the one interest of mine that I find people to talk to about. Other stuff I enjoy I find the people I interact with to have not only no interest in them, but, often, downright dislike for them. You can't discuss a song with someone when they won't even concede it's music. But whatever, it's just a issue with my feelings of isolation. No surprises considering my job and overall lifestyle.

So I finally endured my way through work and have made it home and stuffed myself with Canadian beer and chili. Others will probably be thankful if I stay isolated tomorrow. Not gonna be pretty. Not sure what I'm gonna occupy myself with otherwise the next coupla days.

I'm currently watching this documentary "No Maps for these Territories" as I write this. Which is about the author William Gibson, his life and thoughts. He's amazing and I urge everyone to read all his books. He's got a futurist mind and some really interesting things going on in his head. He coined the term cyberspace in the 80s. That's just the start of his genius. But I think I've covered this before.

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