Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The emerging science of teledildonics

Been a good weekend. Saw a jazz legend. Sonny Rollins was amazing. That man is 79 years old! He blows it out. His band was amazing too. Such a good time. To set the mood, we went to Mama Dip's and had soul food for the ages. So tasty. The only downside was the drive. It's just a pain in the ass to go to Chapel Hill and back. Didn't help it was rainy and foggy on the drive back. Still was good to get out of my usual routine and we had a good time. Hopefully we can do something like that again.

I have to admit I was out of my depth as far as jazz knowledge went. I basically know the old school A-list names and not much more, whereas Kevin, Jason and Jimmy know that shit back and forth. It was interesting to listen to them talk about it, but I didn't have much to add.

I picked up the new Halo game and it's ok. I miss being the Master Chief, but this game has some cool stuff. Still, having only played it a little it seems like kind of game Bungie made to satisfy a contract requirement, rather than one they were excited about. I'll give it a little more time.

I've also been watching a lot of Lost, which continues to captivate. I'm fighting the urge to go watch it now, but I think I'll catch The Ultimate Fighter and Top Chef first. I also need to watch Gran Torino, which I've had from Netflix for over a week.

Oh I've been trying to maintain a pace of reading one book a week and may have fallen a bit behind on that recently, just because of a lot of distractions. That, of course, is not counting graphic novels and it's just not the same thing. I did finish Johannes Cabal the Necromancer and it was ok, not great. Evil carnival tales are always fun.

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