Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fall approaches

A very low key weekend. Monday I bummed around then watched True Blood with Trip. That episode was a little blah, I'm over the crazed town thing, but the show overall is pretty awesome. Only one more new episode this season, tho.

After that I came home and watched Sword of Doom. A samurai movie starring the inimitable Toshiro Mifune. That guy is awesome. The movie was a little confusing, which may have been partly due to translation problems, but had some quality sword battles. Worth checking out if you're into such things.

I got to spend the next night at Trip's with an old friend, who has assumed the role of functional alcoholic. It's not pretty and hanging wasn't that fun. It sounds cruel, but I've spent too much time dealing with drunks to volunteer for more. Not really sure what to do about this...

Today my big project was going to Gamestop to preorder Halo:ODST and then hitting the library. Picked out a couple of interesting books. I decided to plunge into Norman Mailer's "The Executioner's Song" which is a little intimidating as it's a modern classic and like 1,000 pages long. I'm 50 pages in and so far it's good, but it's very early on.

I also finished George Mann's "The Affinity Bridge" and I loved it. Nice steampunk vibe, set in the 1800's but doesn't try to emulate the 19th century style, which I tend to find quite dry. Ohh and it has zombies, which is almost never a bad thing. I think it may be the start of a series and that seems like a good thing to me.

Now I'm watching Top Chef and sipping a nice glass of Jameson's on ice. A nice stress reliever before I head back to work tomorrow. At least I get to watch the Steelers final preseason game. Not too exciting, but preseason football is better than no football. Plus the final preseason game means we are just a breath away from the kickoff of regular season. I'm ready to make a run at a second TLB title and hopefully the Steelers can repeat as well. Not sure which one I'd like more at this point. Probably the Steelers, but I'd be fine either way. Super fine with both.

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