Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bitch fest

I can not describe how much working on Sundays make my life suck. I used to have this bright beacon of hope, as Sunday started my weekend and I could spend the whole day relaxing and watching football. Now, I try to "fit in" the early game with lack of sleep and then drive to work as the second game opens and half the time I will be forced to run the late game. Then during the night game I get to watch on a 10 inch screen and try to divide my attention between it and what I'm actually supposed to be doing.

Look, I know I'm not working in a salt mine or anything, but these days it seems I have fewer and fewer things to genuinely look forward to and this takes away another of them. So now I just get to work (watch television), kill my days off (watching television) and then go back to work. Pathetic.

This feeling is exacerbated by the fact that this week I get to drive in to work on Wednesday for a meeting. Hooray. Oh and today was fucking terrible. Got my oil changed and inspection and found out I need new brake pads (and possibly rotors). Waited 45 minutes at Comcast to get a digital cable box and they don't give me the cable I need to get HD channels and got a haircut and had to listen to my stylist's baby daddy issues.

Oh and my fantasy receivers crapped out on me and Jake Delhomme helped screw me over two different ways (I started Steve Smith and Nick started the Philly D.) so the Evil Penguin starts off slow. Well assuming Nate Kaeding doesn't get nine more points tonight, which seems unlikely.

Oh and Week 2 beard update: I have trimmed it a little to make me look less homeless. It's not filling in fast enough and I still look white trashy. Also still itchy. But I will not be give in and will continue my quest to grow a decent looking beard and earn the name Beardo.


Anonymous said...

"Weirdo" is more likely than "Beardo".

eric said...

I already have that nickname.