Monday, June 06, 2005

DDT did a job on me

I watched Brazil, which I borrowed from Kev the other day. It was very good, so very Terry Gilliam. Lots of tubes lying around and magnifying glasses. It creates a nice dystopian vibe. I'd give it a foot massage.

The cable was out for most of the day, so my entertainment options were more limited than normal. I ended up talking to my brother on the phone for a while, which was cool. I miss that goon and I can't wait for him to come in at the end of July. It's gonna kickass. I just gotta go about getting some work so I can afford to hang with him when he comes in (and pay my bills too, I suppose).

In the evening I went to visit with Trip, who was much relieved that Bodie (his doggie) was doing well after a day at the vet. We watched The End of the Century, a documentary on The Ramones. They were so underappreciated it's obscene. It just shows that popular doesn't=talent. The music world would have a completely different landscape without the genius of Johnnie, Joey, Dee Dee and Tommy (and Marky and C.J. too I suppose). I'm now reviewing some old Ramones cds and they never fail to please.

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