Saturday, June 04, 2005

That's how I roll

Trip and I went to Kevin's yesterday and had dinner. It was cool. Got to hang with Kev, Courtney and little Eve. We ended up watching the Independent Film Channel (for which I now yearn). There was a cool show with Henry Rollins and a nice Reservoir Dogs retrospective. I am now planning on rewatching that movie soon.

We escaped from the Plaster homestead with a cornucopia of cinematic goodness. Trip and I both got a ton of DVDs to watch. I think our plan is to watch The Life Aquatic tonight. We may try to fit in some Halo as well.

After getting home I endeavored to hit UBRS in WoW and that was a total waste of my time. I didn't win a single roll for anything and honestly, not a single thing I wanted dropped through the whole instance. It was a bummer.

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