Sunday, June 19, 2005

Home alone

Mom has gone to England for the week to visit her grandson and my dad is hanging out at the old place so I seem to have the apartment to myself. A sad testament to how lame my life is that this in no way affects how I will be doing things. I suppose this is a sign of maturity, although I have so many other things that point toward immaturity that it's hard to believe.

Anyway it's been a pretty good weekend. Hung with Corb and Trip on Friday and we watched the documentary Trekkies. Now I know I'm pretty nerdy, but I can't hold a candle to these people. There is just a point where you have to stop taking your hobby so seriously. There was this one group of trekkies that hold a Trek barbeque each year. To quote "It gets bigger every year. This year we even had a girl come." Sad sad sad.

Saturday we managed to get Danny to come out and hooked up some Halo action. That was pretty sweet. We then played this demo of Flatout. It is a racing game that has a mini game where you launch the driver into the air and see how high you can get him. It doesn't sound like much, but when you hear Corbin cackle with delight at the suffering of the driver it makes it all worthwhile.

Today I woke up feeling like ass. I think switching from air conditioning to sleeping in my non ac room is causing lots of congestion. It's not good. I hate not feeling well.

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