Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sucking out on the river, or was it a lake?

Mmmm, it smells like fresh strawberries in here. Which makes sense, since I do, in fact, have fresh strawberries in here.

Man do I love this type of weather. I sleep in, snuggly and giddy with delight. I read a lot more since I like laying around under a blanket and listening to the soothing tone of the rain pattering off the trees.

I applied for a database librarian job today and I really hope I get this. Of course, that hope probably dooms me to failure, but what can I do?

Lately I have been getting a lot of good new music, courtesy of Trip. The problem is I can't stop listening to Modest Mouse's Making Nothing out of Something. It's just pure greatness. The opening track Neverending Math Equation is one of the best songs...evar!!!! It's headcavingly orgasmic in every way.

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