Thursday, June 16, 2005

Everyone is going fetal

Went to see Batman Begins with Trip and Corb last night. I gotta tell you, it may be the best Batman movie ever. I say that with an extreme reverence for both Tim Burton's films and the TV movie starring Adam West. It was dark and delved deeply into why Bruce Wayne would become Batman, his motivations, training and history. It also gave me a new respect for the villian the Scarecrow. My only experience with him before (not being well versed in Bat-lore) was from the old Superfriends cartoon where he was a huge vagina.

Anyway my rating is Filet Mignon and I hope the movie does well and there is a sequel of equal or greater value. So go see it if you have any interest whatsoever.

I read the new Nick Hornby book, A Long Way Down. It was excellent as all his works are. Maybe a little too upbeat for a book about suicidal people, but good nonetheless. I heard an interview with him on NPR yesterday and he seems like someone I'd like to know. We have a lot in common. Terry Gross asked him about his column in some McSweeney's magazine where he lists the books he buys and the books he reads separately. He noted that the books he buys and reads are often completely different. So he buys something and then never gets to it, a habit to which I can certainly relate.

Anyway A Long Way Down I give a foot massage rating. It was good, probably better than his last one, How to Be Good, in my opinion, but not up to High Fidelity or About a Boy standards (which if you haven't read, you should get to it). Still count him among my fav. current authors.

Ohh I also listened to the new White Stripes album and while it grew on me a little more the second time through, it isn't as good as some of the other stuff. It seems to lack so much of the rock element that I love and leans more toward a rooty blues/country sound. Also I don't know who that song that Meg sings is for, but it's not me. It's probably for noone besides Meg, actually.

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