Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I couldn't believe they wanted this man dead

I've kept busy recently. Friday I hooked up with the Danny, Trip and Corb and we played some Halo 2. It'd been a while since we got together and that was fun. On Saturday, Trip and I went to Roanoke for wings and a movie. We saw The Longest Yard, which was pretty good. Not the greatest movie ever, but a remake made with some respect for the original. What can I say, I'm an Adam Sandler fan. I'm torn between foot massage and +1 chainmail. I need to see it again to give it a final rating. What I found amusing once, may not stand up under closer scrutiny.

I suited up for some heavy lifting on Sunday and Kevin, Langdon and I got up some hay on their family farm. Man I am not cut out for that type of work. I was chugging. But I got a little cash and a free meal so it's all good.

Monday I felt "as tho a bear had laid on me" (to quote a friend of mine online). So I just lazed around here and finished watching the final season of Angel. That was good, but I was a little annoyed with the ending. Not that it was bad, it just left more story to tell and there isn't going to be anymore told most likely.

I also finished Palahniuk's Haunted. It was good, a nice mindfucky type of read. It's not my favorite of his works (Fight Club is gonna be hard to top, although I think Lullaby was close). I really favor the novel over the short story. I lose focus with shortstories, they break things up to much. Who thought I'd argue against the short attention span version of something? I'd say it's a foot massage of a read. Although if you take away the shock value of Guts, it'd drop a bit.

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