Sunday, February 18, 2007

Day drinker with a crowbar

I'm not feeling near as bad as I did last time I posted, but I'm still feeling very drained. I think I might actually be successfully fighting off a cold, but it's sapping my energy. Or I could just be a lazy, fat bastard who doesn't have any energy anyway. Whatever.

We had a late lunch for Jill's B-Day today at MiRanchito. It was Jill (obviously), me, Trip and her friend Todd and we had a pretty good time. Rather low key. Afterward I headed back to Trip's where I dispatched a pummelling in Fight Night and we played to a draw in Tony Hawk (we didn't play a decisive match as my head was starting to ache).

We then watched a couple of episodes of The Naked Trucker and TBones Show, which is comedy gold. I honestly can't get enough anecdotes about hobos disfiguring themselves for the good of the group. I just can't.

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