Thursday, June 21, 2007


Soooo last night I took the night off work and joined Kevin for an evening of Wilco. We drove to Charlotte and enjoyed some quality music. Kevin is a big Wilco fan, to say the least. So naturally I have to berate him for enjoying them, even tho I like them too. It's the law of the west.

Somehow while we're waiting for the doors to open and watching some of the members of the band wander around and talk to fans I go on a tirade about Kevin talking to them about eating his ass or him eating there ass. Basically just going on an ass eating tear to amuse myself. It kinda colored the whole evening, which was amusing.

After the show Kevin got a picture and autograph from the lead singer Jeff Tweedy, which he was excited about. He mentioned that if he was rich he'd follow them around and see all their shows. I suggested he get a VW bus and eat Tweedy's ass in every town in North America. He mentioned that he license plate would be ETNTWDY and it got zanier from there. It occurs to me that the ass eating topic doesn't translate here into the humor we had going at the time, but it still amuses me.

Anyway we had a kickass time and it was good to spend the day with Kev, since our hanging out time is getting more and more rare.

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