Monday, June 04, 2007

Unjustifiable existence

Last night's work went fairly quickly, which was nice. I then came home, had a few beers and played Catan for a while. I actually won a second game and should have won another, but I got schiested.

Now it's super late (or early) and I'm listening/watching Type O Negative videos on Youtube. The lead singer, Peter Steele, has this baritone voice that is simply striking. I'm betting that guy is swimming in goth chick poontang. (This is a pre-emptive apology to my female readers for that potentially offensive statement. It was written with humorous intent.) I need to listen to their new album, but I need to listen to a lot of new music that I've been ignoring for podcasts. But yeah, if you dig gothy metal music this is right in your wheelhouse.

Speaking of podcasts, I listened to a couple of good ones yesterday that weren't video game related. The first was a This American Life episode about how the American Psychological Association reclassified homosexuality from a disease to normal behavior and the battle that went into it. I find stories about people fighting for their rights to be very interesting.

The second was an episode of The Ungodly Hour, an industrial music show. I like this show a lot, but it runs three hours (despite the word hour in the title) and it's hard to sit down and listen to anything for three solid hours, ya know. I listened to around two hours of it before callign it quits and I love me some hard industrial music.

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