Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Please remove this cutlery from my knees

Nothing much remarkable going on in these parts, just the usual heartbreak, malaise and antipathy... ohhh I almost forgot misanthropy. Stick with what you know, I always say.

Hmmmm, highlights... I think I don't have to work any overtime this week, but I may be wrong. The new guy should be trained, but who knows. Of course, for the fourth I'll be getting a couple of extra hours because of Donny's vacation, but no big. When you add in holiday pay it makes for a nice check.

Been playing Virtua Tennis 3 for the past coupla days and it's pretty good, if you like tennis. I'm glad it's a rental tho, as paying retail for it would have been a bit much. Still it's a fun game and I may buy it when it gets under $20.

Watched Ghost Rider last night, the less said the better (Shaq-fu, I still need a replacement for this rating. I'm open to suggestions if anyone has em.). Well that's a little harsh, I had exceedingly low expectations so it wasn't as bad as I imagined. Still, I'm not a big Nick Cage fan and the writers didn't do him any favors. It was pleasant looking at Eva Mendes tho, rowwwrrrr.

I also watched Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, which was exactly as I expected. It's got a totally convoluted plot, really nice animation and schloads of fan service. Decent, if you are a fan of the game. Sadly I must admit I never beat it, basically because I watched Gabe go through it twice. I got about halfway in and decided I didn't need to see Shinra and Sephiroth go down a third time. Anyway I give the movie a +1 chainmail because of the animation and nostagia factors.

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