Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I owe you for the thing at the place with the guy

Been keeping kinda quiet. Between working overtime and the heat I'm drained when I get home, so I don't write much. Also work is fairly dull, so who wants to hear about that?

Tonight Trip and I went to see Ocean's 13, which I enjoyed immensely (Filet Mignon). I love caper movies, especially with a laundry list of stars. Those movies just have this aura of cool that is undeniable. I'd say 13 is better than 12, actually. The first still may be the best, just because I initially wasn't sure what to expect. Ohh and for the record, don't see the Sinatra version of Ocean's 11, because it's total garbage.

I don't really have a lot of other stuff going on. The new Dinosaur Jr. is excellent, if you're into that kinda music. I'm still playing tons of Catan and I'm trying out NHL 2k7 and it's ok. I prefer NHL 07 (which seems like the exact same thing if you aren't in the know) just for the controls. I'm gonna be getting a soccer game in the mail soon and we'll see how it goes. Can I lead some nation to World Cup glory?

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