Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You've lost control of the bottom line

So it's been a nice coupla days off. Stayed lowkey. Watched Pan's Labyrinth with Trip on Monday. It was good, but didn't captivate me quite as much as I expected. Still it had a nice grim fairy tale vibe and some cool costuming. I'd say foot massage all told.

After that we played a little NHL 2k7 and I had to dispense a swift beating. We then watched the season premiere of Hell's Kitchen, which I love. I don't know why watching a bunch of people squabble and then a British guy yelling at them is so entertaining, but it damn sure is. Tuesday we grabbed some Mexican food and then did some minor shopping.

I've been playing tons of games until the wee small hours, but nothing important to report there, except that Madden 06 is pretty terrible. Soooooo many little things they fucked up. I'm telling you, 07 isn't a gem, but it's lots better than 06. Of course, since EA has some competition this year, 08 will be even better, but the Steelers will suck ass. That is the way things work out for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm w/ ya on Pan's Labyrinth. I was stunned at how violent it was, though. Check out Children of Men.


Anonymous said...

As a witness to the NHL 2K7 games, I'm not sure how you can claim to have administered a "beating" when you lost the second game 3-6 and even scored on your own goal.


eric said...

It was the final 6-1 victory that really put it into beating mode. I mean 6-1, that's nearly a shutout. Also dogs your age shouldn't be on the intarweb without supervision. Go poop on the stairs instead.