Monday, May 26, 2008

sniffle, sneeze, cough

So after a work week filled with sore throat and sinus headache my weekend has kicked off with my sinuses kicking into high gear. Nothing like a runny nose and lots of sneezing to make for a fun time. I don't even have any sinus stuff at home to assuage it. I should run out and get some, but I'm too lazy.

So what is new, you ask? Not a lot. I read Christopher Buckley's Boomsday, which is fantastic. It's filet mignon worthy. That's the same guy who wrote Thank You For Smoking, which I need to read, but the movie was excellent. Boomsday is about how when the baby boomers retire social security is going to be up shit creek. That is to say how younger people, like me, are going to be paying for the convalescence of the boomers and it's going to break our backs. The book is great satire and manages to be hilarious despite the sad topic.

I'm also reading the new Chuck Palahniuk, Snuff. I was afraid someone at work was gonna ask me what I was reading and I'd rather not have to get into it, since it's about a 600-man gangbang film. Yes, Mr. Palahniuk never fails to tackle the most awkward situations. So far it's good, but it hasn't grabbed me the way some of his other works have. Still entertaining, tho.

Trip and I watched Shoot em up tonight and it was absurd in the extreme. Leave all hope of plausibility at the door and enjoy it for it's silliness. Lots of shooting and smartass lines, also more than one death by carrot. I shit you not. I would not judge Paul Giamatti's career by this movie. Go with Big Momma's House instead.

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