Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to Jim Varney

Watched the Academy Awards tonight and it was pretty good. I enjoyed it, although Trip seemed unsatisfied. But then again Trip is a joyless sack of shit that can't find the pleasure in anything. Every year he hates on the Oscars, which is the only award show worthy of my attention. Sure the system isn't perfect, but it's not completely useless. But for Trip the Academy lost all credibility when Forrest Gump beat Pulp Fiction (which is a decision I really can't defend.) Whatever, I don't consider it the gospel, but I want to enjoy it, talk about it and see movies that I wouldn't see otherwise. So anyway...

Not a lot of surprises in my mind. I did think Mickey Rourke would win best actor, but Sean Penn as Harvey Milk was flat out amazing. So I can't say that's a disappointment. Slumdog Millionaire rolled through like a big Indian tank having it's way with the Oscars. My initial reaction to Slumdog was mixed, but it grew on me with time. It's such an epic story in such an alien world and drags you into that life and makes you care about it's characters. Even when they are covered head to toe in human filth.

I suppose I have to see The Reader now, but I'm leary. I didn't think the book was all that, but Kate Winslet is always impressive. I also wanna see Revolution Road at some point.

In other news, I read Waiter Rant by The Waiter and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's an in depth look at what it's really like waiting tables and putting up with bullshit from customers, owners and chefs. Definitely a good read and I flew through it. I also finished Rock and Roll Cage Match, which had some fun moments, although I can't agree with all the conclusions reached by the various writers. Also some of the stories I did not care about, like Patsy Cline vs. Kitty Wells or The Four Tops vs The Temptations. Not to disparage these artists, but I don't care for their music. Still the book's gonna have something for everyone, which is a plus.

Well I'm off. I may try to play some Street Fighter IV, which I rented from Gamefly. I totally suck at that, but it's fun to try... well until it's so frustrating I want to throw the controller. This game also makes me want to buy one of those new gamepads that have the six buttons on the face, Sega Genesis style. Not sure I'm that invested tho.

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