Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Digital taxation, football, dead grubs

Just filed my taxes online and it was rather painless. Had to pay some to Virginia, but it wasn't too bad. Usually I take them to someone else to work on, but I always kinda knew mine weren't that difficult, but I never felt like learning. I actually intended to continue that tradition, but when I went in today the place was packed and I didn't feel like waiting. So tonight I decided to finally figure it out myself and get it over with, it wasn't hard. So that's a plus.

Since Sunday I've just been chilling, enjoying the post Super Bowl talk about how great the Steelers are, and rightfully so. I think this team is going to be remembered as one of the all time greats. That defense is amazing and Big Ben gets it done when it counts most. Still, there's a lot of hate. A lot of referee talk, which is unwarranted, in my opinion, and a lot of people just angry because the Steelers are perennial playoff contenders. I suppose I can relate, I hate the Patriots for that reason, soo.... (although the Steelers never ran the score up on anyone.)

Tonight Trip and I finished Gears of War 2. It's a very good game, with a few weak spots. Still I recommend it to anyone. The stop and pop mechanic is fun and there are some really nice visuals, but man the dialogue is sad sometimes.

So next week I get my Sundays back. No football needs watching (yes, the Pro Bowl is on, but really, who cares?) and I got time on my hands. I'm bittersweet about it, although it's hard to complain about the season's end when your team won it all.

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