Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the nerdiest nerd that ever nerded

So I've been playing quite a bit of Street Fighter IV, which I'm enjoying despite it being fuck me hard. I'm debating picking up a joystick to make it a little easier. I'm not completely sold on that idea, but I'm debating it. Of course, there is a complete drought of the things on the Internet. They are sold out everywhere and who knows when the supply will be replenished. Probably the best thing for me, so I don't drop $80 on another controller I don't really need.

Still plowing my way through season 3 of Entourage and it's good, but I find I actually prefer it when things are going smoothly. And things are going smoothly at the moment. I'm also up to date in Heroes, but it's getting harder to pay attention to that shit and Battlestar, which is dry at times, but there are only a few episodes left.

Started watching East Bound and Down, which is pretty damn funny. Lots of cursing and people being rude in inappropriate situations. If I didn't love those things I wouldn't have the friends I have.

Oh in slightly unmanly news, I'm halfway through the first Twilight book, which Jill gave me for my BDay (along with the second one.) It's an easy read, but I am definitely not the target audience. It's all about 15-year-old girls and titillating them without getting too naughty. I'm gonna finish it and see if I have any desire to know what else happens... we'll see.

Sweet Jeebus I consume a lot of pop culture in a weekend. I so need a life.

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