Monday, March 23, 2009

Fight and make vampires bleed

Gads what a horrible work week. So damn long and it's only four days. But it's every waking minute for four days. Friday night a depression descended on me and I've only just gotten over it. It was not aided by the fact that my meth-making neighbors were cooking this weekend and on top of that they had some lovely loud-ass music playing to wake me early on Sunday. Nothing like having Ludacris thunder his way into your consciousness to start the day.

Anyway, I'm coming out of it since I got a few hours to relax. Watched the movie Venus, which got Peter O'Toole an Oscar nomination. He was phenomenal as the old guy who falls in love with a crass young girl. Some serious depth that went further than just a creepy old man molesting the youth.

I also watched the Battlestar Galactica finale and was pleased with it, all told. This past season has been kind of sketchy for me, but the finish made it worthwhile I suppose. It ended with pretty much everything settled, but there is still room for more if someone can find a good way (or good reason) to do it. I know it's nerdy, but the first four seasons are really phenomenal and I recommend them to everyone. I know it's a Sci-Fi show and that scares off lots of non-nerds, but it's good by any standard, not just good for the Sci-Fi Channel. (Soon to be SyFy for some godawful reason.)

I also read Phillip Roth's Indignation, which was a good read. That said, I'm pretty sure I did not pick up on the subtext that I suspect was there. I need to look online for some reviews, but who knows if I'll take the time.

As I posted on Twitter (which you can see my feed to the left there and we all know Twitter is the new hotness, just ask any 24 hour news channel) I have finished the first level of Dead Space. It's excellent so far, but it's hard to sit down and play. It's got this creepy atmosphere with horrors jumping out at you at odd times and eerie music playing. It's unsettling and I have a hard time putting myself into that environment for extended periods of time. It's something that's happened several other times (most notably with Condemned) and it's problematic. I should probably try to start playing these games during daylight hours, but that's exceedingly difficult for me. Ahh well.

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