Thursday, March 19, 2009

You can't take the sky from me

Been a decent weekend all told. St. Patty's Day I spent too much on dinner, then Trip and I had several drinks and I pounded him at various fighting games. Some fun. And today I sat around and did very little. Which was nice. Very laid back, which I needed after such a trying week at work.

I started watching Torchwood, which is the Doctor Who spinoff. Hasn't captured me yet, but I do enjoy it's more mature tone. I also watched Step Brothers, which was quite fun. I gotta say, from watching the trailers I thought I knew exactly what that movie was, but it took an odd turn. Which is to say, it surprised me and I was quite entertained.

I also watched Pineapple Express and damn, that movie is funny. At one point they just dropped all pretense of reality and went funny. Sure it's a weed humor, but it's damn funny weed humor.

I also downloaded a couple of albums that some of you should look into. The first is War Child - Heroes, which is an album full of tracks by classic artists who have requested a certain new artist to record that song. Highlights include Beck covering Bob Dylan's Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat and Lilly Allen sings The Clash's Straight To Hell in a refreshing way. Oh and TV On the Radio doing Bowie's Heroes is also excellent. The album itself is a little uneven, but worth a buy because proceeds go to helping children in war torn areas.

Second on the album tip is Dark Was The Night, a compilation album of indie artists that benefits AIDS research and awareness. Actually the correct term would be double album actually as it's 31 tracks. I'd highly recommend Brackett, WI by Bon Iver. I'd kind of glanced over Bon Iver unimpressed until I heard this. Now I've got the recent album For Emma, Forever Ago and it's very good too. Also the track by Riceboy Sleeps is magic. It's one of the guys from Sigur Ros and it's beautiful. Several other tracks are excellent and I'd say this is the better of the two albums, but it's twice is long.

You can download either at iTunes or Amazon or both for under $20.


Anonymous said...

Dude two different alblums mentioned and they both go to help kids. Where is Eric??? And what have you done with him???



eric said...

Well they both feature lots of bands I like and the helping kids thing was really just a side note. Plus you know I have a serious liberal, pro gay, anti family, socialist bleeding heart agenda to propagate.