Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boldy going where tons of nerds have gone before

Saw the Star Trek movie with Trip tonight and I loved it. I've always been somewhat ambivalent about Star Trek, I think it's got some cool stuff going on, but it's also got a lot of strikes against it. The first being the sad ubergeek fanbase. Also it seemed significantly less cool that Star Wars when I was a kid. Of course, the prequels have done everything they can to erode that good will.

So I've decided to take a new look at Star Trek and give it a shot. I've queued up all ten of the previous movies and will be watching them as time allows. I'll keep you posted on how that's going and if my interest wanes. The first should probably come in Wednesday. If this keeps my interest I may look into watching the series... but that's a lot to do and I'm not sure if I got that in me.

As for the new movie, see it. Even if you don't care about Star Trek it's still a pretty good summer action movie. I like the new cast and really was impressed with how they explained the new continuity. I'm usually annoyed with time travel deus ex machina explanations, but this one works for me. The special effects rock. Certain scenes in outer space just take your breathe away. The only downside was the row of dipshits behind me providing idiot commentary. "That's Tyler Perry!!" No shit. He sucks and you suck for liking him... now shut the fuck up and let me watch the movie you fucktard.

Moving on I continue to be totally hooked on Plants vs. Zombies. I actually have it running in the background now as I type this. I'm it's slave. But I think I'm going to try to tear myself away from it and get into Resident Evil 5, which I got from Gamefly. Also need to work on Dead Space.

I also need to finish Of Human Bondage, which just doesn't seem to want to end. It's good, but I'm on page 600 and it's got some real downer moments. Still it is wonderfully written and worth the effort.

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