Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Serious nerd talk

I've been lax on my posting I know, but I've been busy. Not doing anything constructive, but busy nonetheless. I'll start with my Star Trek movie update. I'm up to the seventh Trek and they have been up and down. Wrath of Khan is a work of genius and I really dug the Search for Spock as well. But it's a bit spotty after that.

The Voyage Home annoys me with all the time travelling, save the whales, we're in the 80s nonsense and The Final Frontier was even worse. Just dreadful. The sixth movie, The Undiscovered Country was pretty damn good. Definitely worth seeing. But it was followed by Generations, which puts both the original cast in a movie with the Next Generation cast and there was too much going on. That's as far as I've gotten. Only three more to go.

In other movie news, I saw Angels and Demons and that was ok. Not great, but worth catching at some time. I'm gonna see the new Terminator tomorrow, but I have low expectations. Still my nerd cred requires that I go see it because it has robots smashing stuff.

Trip and I have been playing UFC Undistputed quite a bit. Last week I owned him so hard he threw up... ok that's a lie, but he did get all mad and walk out. Which is awesome. You have truly pwned someone when they have to leave the room. Reminded me of how I riled Adam up at Call of Duty 4 when we were seeing the Skins-Cowboys game in DC.

Sadly this week Trip's skills have improved somewhat and I didn't get to molest him as much, but I definitely gave better than I got. I took Rashad Evans and pounded Rampage into a fine paste on the mat.

Also the Penguins are bringing the pain to Carolina and I've loving it. Been watching a lot of the Pens this year. Those guys are deadly. Malkin, Crosby, Fleury, Gonchar, Satan. Good quality. The way it's looking now it could be a repeat of last year's Stanley Cup final. Hopefully with a different end result.

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