Monday, May 18, 2009

From Hell's heart

I'm exhausted, once again. Nothing new I suppose. It's a regular thing. But on top of it I'm feeling down. General malaise I suppose. This week wasn't particularly bad, actually. Just one of my weird mood swings.

Anyway I watched Star Trek: The Motion Picture, (the first of my voyage into Star Trek's cinematic legacy) which I had heard was terribly dull. It was definitely slow paced. The director, Robert Wise, was clearly influenced by Solaris and 2001. Ponderously slow plot, expansive outer space and alien vistas. Also there was a nigh fetishistic focus on the Enterprise, which was clearly just fan service. All in all it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great.

As we speak I'm watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. A great movie I haven't seen in years. More on that later.

I'm reading Neil Stephenson's Anathem, which is anything but a quick read. I've been getting caught up in some long tomes of late. I'm about halfway through and it's getting easier to parse, but it took some serious plowing initially to get all the terms down. You gotta want it.

I'm picking up the new UFC game this week and looking forward to that. It may even break me out of my Plants vs. Zombies addiction. Ohh and I game I picked up a while back on the cheap, but forgot to mention. I bought the new Techmo Bowl game for the DS. It's... ok. Not great. Plays pretty much the same as the old one, but lacks the actual NFL teams. Seems kinda like it's been lost in time and came back without any new developments and sans it's original draw. All in all, it's pretty forgettable.

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