Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Output suffering

I've noticed that I'm currently on pace to have even fewer blogs this year than I have in years past. I'm not really thrilled by my current tendency to put off blogging for a week and then hammer my poor readers (is it even plural now?) with a leviathan post that amount to cliffnotes of all the entertainment I've been perusing. But, honestly, my life is not set up like it once was and blogging is suffering for it. I used to never be that far from a net enabled computer and could post on a moment's notice. Now my job doesn't really allow for that. It's a problem that's not going to be solved anytime soon, so I guess I'll continue in the limited fashion allowed me and try to supplement with Twitter.

Anyway, I saw the Wolverine movie tonight. I wasn't disappointed, but my expectations were pretty low. It had some cool concepts, but wasn't what I'd call well done. Some plot points just hammered in there to drive home the continuity with the first XMen movie. Definitely not up to the standard set by last year's Hulk and Iron Man movies.

Quantum of Solace was a bit better, in my opinion. I watched that Sunday night. I'd heard lots of people saying it wasn't great, but watchable and I'd say it's a little better than that. The plot is kinda thin, but I'm not typically looking for that kind of depth from a Bond movie. So overall I enjoyed it. I like the "closer to reality" route they've taken with the Daniel Craig reboot.

Reading-wise has been slow going as I'm wading through W. Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage. It's long and has some real depth, but I'm loving it. It's nice to pepper in the occasional classic with all the pulp drivel I spend so much time reading.

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