Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If you loathe something, set it free

This weekend went by really quickly, but was fun. I'll start with Heroes. The finale came on Monday, I watched it and I think I'm done with that series for the moment. It's just got too many holes in it and characters that annoy me are the center of the story, while the guys I dig are relegated to the background. I mean, the show grabbed us with Hiro. His unrestrained joy at gaining his powers and finally being exceptional. You gotta love that guy and, of course, he's now a subsidiary character. So enough's enough.

But as one nerdy NBC program passes from my sight another is brought forth. I have started to watch Chuck. I've only watched the first coupla episodes, but so far it's good. A nice balance of nerditude, humor and spy goodness. So I'll definitely be delving into it further.

I also watched Resident Evil: Extinction and I can't say I recommend it for human consumption. It's not appallingly bad, but it did not command my interest. I actually finished reading Next Man Up (which I recommend) while watching it and don't feel like I really missed any salient points. Dropping that book off at the library I browsed and picked up Jerome Bettis' biography, The Bus, which is entertaining so far. I'm about halfway through.

In the videogame world, I finally finished Halo Wars and enjoyed it. It was far and away the best console RTS I've ever played. Good controls and minimal frustration means fun for E. Trip and I also played the UFC 2009 Undisputed demo and it's pretty cool. Some seriously in depth controls. Considerably more difficult that kick, punch, block. Probably gonna have to pick that up.

We also made a go at the new Survival mode in Left4Dead and damn that's hard. It was fun, playing with two random dudes online, but those zombies really are not afraid to swarm. Wish I knew more people that played that game and were able to play at the times I can play. A lot to wish for, really.

I suppose that's all for the moment. I could ramble on about some other miscellaneous bullcrap, but why bother. I've hit the high points for the most part. I will say that I hope the Penguins destroy the cursed Capitals in the second round of the playoffs.

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